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The New York Women Composers, Inc.

As I wrote in my first blog post, I have worked with many great organizations and composers in the past that I would love to see get more exposure. One such group is the New York Women Composers, Inc. (NYWC). I had the great fortune of working with this organization the past few years, particularly after they awarded me with one of their Seed Money Grants.

Founded in 1984, NYWC serves to hasten the incorporation of music by women composers into the concert scene around the world through the creation of opportunities for performing, recording, networking, and mentoring. The women at the helm of this organization are caring, kind, and great composers.

I was first introduced to this organization by one of its members, Mary Ann Joyce-Walter, whose songs “A New Theology” and “The Sweetness” I had heard at a concert of new music at Fordham University. I approached her about singing these songs on a recital I would be giving the following year and she happily obliged. It was following this recital that she encouraged me to apply for the Seed Money Grant.

The Seed Money Grant program awards grants of $750 to performers or presenters, for concerts or sound recording projects that include music by NYWC members. It is a great opportunity for performers or presenters to delve into the music written by the members of this organization, much of which is fantastic. The call for scores I put out for the recital I did with the seed money elicited many unexpected gems, so many that I was forced to turn away pieces that I plan to program later.

In exploring the music by the members, one will find that these composers span the gamut stylistically from neoclassical to atonal, from purely classical to that which is inspired by contemporary commercial music such as musical theater or folk. One can create a very diverse program using just the music of members in NYWC!

I encourage everyone to check out NYWC’s website and the music posted by its members. This is a challenging time for all musicians as the arts suffer from the financial downturn. That said, we all benefit from the performance of works by present-day composers – composers gain exposure, performers profit from being able to work with the actual composer, and audience’s ears are opened and exposed to a greater variety of musical material. Win-Win!

To learn more about this great organization please check out their website below:

New York Women Composers, www.newyorkwomencomposers.org

For more information, contact: info@newyorkwomencomposers.org

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